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July 18th, 2014 at 11:36 am

Take more cellulose at summer to reduce weight

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Both insoluble fiber and soluble fiber are conducive to weight loss.

Insoluble fiber:
1, insoluble fiber can increase the volume of food, bringing satiety, and it will not generate a lot of heat.
2, high fiber content cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables etc are insoluble fiber-rich foods
3, it helps stabilize blood sugar, which can better control hunger and eating desires.
4, this kind of cellulose can also prolong the staying time of food in the stomach; the duration of satiety is also longer.

Soluble fiber:
Strawberries, apples, pears, oats, chickpeas and legumes etc are soluble fiber-rich foods. fruits and vegetables that have high moisture content will help fill the stomach, so take a small amount of staple food in a day and take some watermelon, lettuce, cucumbers, mushrooms, grapes or melon along can help you far away from hunger and fat. These foods has a diuretic effect, can expel moisture, reduce weight, for example, eating melon regularly can change the starch and sugar in food, preventing the conversion to fat, in addition, the melon is rich in vitamins and contains low calories. Soap and mucus contained in Loofah is good for smoothing stool, what’s more, it is very low in calories, in addition, loofah also rich in vitamins B1, B2, A, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. Containing mustard oil and amylase, looffah helps digestion of fatty foods, preventing the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. white radish is also good at defecation

Besides daily foods, super slim diet pills also help to supplement fiber essence, combining with other effective ingredients that good in slimming, green lean body capsule help to promote the secretion of digestive juice, speed up the gastrointestina motility and accelerate metabolism, weight loss is no longer a hard thing, check for more information about weight loss.

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July 10th, 2014 at 2:17 am

Delicious Weight-Loss Snacks in Office

For most nine-to-five OL, it’s easy to get fat as they often unconsciously eat a lot of snacks when work becomes dreary. They may turn to diet pills like lida diet pills, but they seldom know that some snacks can not only satisfy greediness, but also help keep slim and replenish energy. What are they? Take a look now!

1. Nori
Nori (seaweed) contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, among which selenium and iodine are particularly rich, that help maintain the body’s acid-base balance. Eating Nori often can prevent ashy skin, dry hair and slow growth caused by lack of iodine, can reduce the fat accumulation in the body, and can prevent symptoms of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

2. Soda Cracker
Soda cracker contains sodium bicarbonate that can balance the body’s PH. It is a kind of biscuit that contains the lowest calorie.

3. Red Dates
Iron and blood supplement are basic lessons for all women who want health and beauty. Red Date is a natural source of iron. A popular saying from Traditional Chinese medicine said that “Five Dates every day, Youth never goes away”. Therefore, hard-working OL can nourish themselves everyday either by eating dates or taking famous diet pills such as lida daidaihua. Red dates can be used as a continuous supply of nutrients in our office.

4. Honey
Honey can bring nutrients to all parts of the body. Nutrition experts say that honey is a natural food that collects all the nutrition. It is rich in active substances and water needed for life activities. Just like  daidaihua, eating honey can not only perfect our skin, but also nurture our viscera, which has the same

5. Dark Plum
Plum is an alkaline food that can be regarded as snacks to satisfy people’s taste. It can also help the blood acid-base balance in the body, calm down the liver, boost digestion and nourish the liver. Moreover, plum has the function of anti-aging, stimulating saliva and neutralization of acidic metabolites. If you often stay up late, just DIY a cup of cranberry juice and enjoy!

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July 2nd, 2014 at 7:32 am

Would Rope Skipping Make Calves Thicker?

Many people lose weight by taking risk-free supplement like lida daidaihua, while some sports enthusiast may choose exercises, rope skipping for example, as their way to prevent obesity. Though rope skipping has many benefits, some people still worry that it would make calves thicker. However, the reality is that the calves of most people didn’t get thicker after rope skipping, it’s just a minority phenomenon. Why? Because it’s the genes that determine whether you can build muscles! Some can’t no matter what kind of exercises or how many exercises they do, while some can only with a little bit exercise. Therefore, you need to choose appropriate exercises or diet pills such as daidaihua according to your situation if you want to lose weight. Generally speaking, long-term exercise won’t make calves thicker, instead, it will help reduce the fat, tighten the muscle and make them curvy look.
Stretching Prevents Calves from Getting Thicker
Do stretching after rope skipping is very important, especially for young women who often taking pills like lida diet pills while always doubt that rope skipping would make calves thicker. In fact, doing some stretching after rope skipping can not only keep muscles even but also help prevent thunder thighs.

How to Stretch Your Calves?
Put your arms up against the wall.
Bring one leg in towards it while keeping your other leg straight.
Repeat with other leg.

How to Stretch Your Legs Fully?
Lay flat on your back and extend your leg out.
Grab the back of your thigh.
Pull your leg towards your face.
Don’t jerk your leg, it may cause an injury.

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June 18th, 2014 at 3:24 am

Foods That Give You Super Satiety

For girls who wants to keep slim, it’s a good choice to take diet pills such as super slim or take some foods that give you super satiety. But what are these foods? Come and have a look!


1. Peanuts

Studies have shown that eating a moderate amount of peanuts can help lose weight. It’s a good way to reduce caloric intake as peanuts can help you increase satiety and take less other foods. However, peanuts have high fat contents, so you’d better not eat too much if you want keep slimming.


2. Mung Bean

Some proteins in mung bean can be resolved to free amino acids, which would be easily absorbed by dieters and release various substances like phosphorus and vitamins. These nutrients can not only help you lose weight, but also help eliminate your constipation problems. It’s really an excellent food for weight loss.


3. Low-fat Yogurt

Yogurt is delicious, but together with super slim pomegranate, it’s more of a diet drink enjoyed by most beauties. Yogurt contains a lot of calcium, which is the important nutrient to speed up fat-burning and reduce weight. In addition, yogurt can be a replacement for other desserts, as it not only satisfies your appetite but also controls your appetite. You just can’t miss such a good choice for weight loss.


4. Chickpeas

Chickpea can not only help you increase muscle, it’s also a good source for nutrients such as fiber, protein, calcium, folic acid, etc. All these nutrients are crucial for slimming. Chickpea is a very healthy low-GI food for weight loss.


5. Whole-wheat Bread

Whole-wheat bread has rich vitamin B. It can help increase metabolism and satiety, similar to the function of super slim diet pills. In addition, it can also help you lower cholesterol. It’s one of the best choices for slimming, particularly as breakfast.


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April 30th, 2014 at 7:04 am

The ten factors that Why can’t lose weight

The Magic eating time

In the study of the Hebrew University in 2012, scattered in mice fed a high-fat diet than mice eat similar food regularly will add more weight and not benefit to weight loss. The researchers suspect, fixed time, you eat every day the body will burn more calories between meals.

Lack of sleep

People who slept less, then the activity become less the next day, which means that the quantity of heat that use up less. But it gets worse: deprived of sleep time actually reduces the energy consumption when you rest.

Iron deficiency.

Iron will help carry oxygen to the muscles. If you are the body’s iron content is too low, your muscles don’t get enough oxygen, your energy, your metabolism will slow down. Eat more iron fortified cereals, legumes, dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, and broccoli.

Eat too little

When you wish to reduce calorie intake, your body into starvation mode, slow down your metabolic rate, to conserve the “fuel”. Find out how many calories you really need every day.


Sit too long

Sit for 20 minutes in any fixed location will curb your metabolism.


The jet lag

Your body’s biological clock control your part of the cell directly, these cells can keep your metabolism continue to roll forward. But, when you break your so-called circadian – such as across time zones, your cells no longer play its proper role, your metabolism are affected.

Calcium deficiency

Another reason to drink milk: calcium plays a key role in regulating fat metabolism, which determines you are burning calories or to be stored as fat.

Pesticides in agricultural products

In Canada, according to a study of organ chlorine pesticides (chemicals) in pesticides may interfere with your body heat of combustion process, and makes it more difficult for you to lose weight. The researchers found that food toxins such as the largest amount of dieters too abnormal metabolism, harder to lose weight.


All the cells of your body physiological processes including metabolism on water. Researchers at the University of Utah said if you are dehydrated, you will reduce 2% of the calories. Please pay more to mei zi tang and

Don’t eat breakfast

When you skip breakfast, you don’t just in the lunch meeting overeat. In fact, you tell your body to conserve energy, which means that the calories burned more slowly. A study of the American journal of epidemiology, miss a meal, fat may increase 4.5 times.

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December 5th, 2013 at 3:18 am

3 tofu diet recipes for weight loss

Tofu slimming effect

“Low calorie ” , another satiety ;

Can reduce the fat rich “soy lecithin ” ;

Quality “protein” can create muscle ;

“Soy oligosaccharide ” can promote the body metabolism , prevent constipation ;

“Soy isoflavones ” make skin more moist translucent ;

” B vitamins ” promote metabolism ;

Allows complete combustion of fat , ” iron ” ;

And ” with easily digestible Characteristics” , does not cause gastrointestinal burden , poor health status , especially when the recommended consumption.

A golden tofu

100 grams of tofu , salted egg yolk 2 , onion , salt, chicken powder , pepper, oil and the amount.

Diced tofu , boiled with salt water , picked up a plate ;


Pan put oil , fry crushed under the salted egg yolk powder, add salt , chicken powder, pepper and stir 1 minute ;

The fried egg yolk poured on processed tofu, Zaisa little chopped green onion and serve.

Second, milk, tofu soup

100 grams of tofu , milk 200 ml , 2 bowls of water , salt , green onion , a little different .

Pour water into the pot , boil after adding tofu , slightly rolling boil for a few minutes into the milk , salt and chopped green onion seasoning and serve .

Third, tofu salad

200 grams of tofu , water fungus 50 grams , 100 grams of cucumber , chili oil, oil, pepper oil , chicken powder , soy sauce , vinegar and the amount.


Put in boiling water burns diced tofu , diced cucumbers washed , diced mushrooms with boiling water burns .

The chili oil, pepper oil , soy sauce , vinegar, sesame oil , chicken powder put into a sauce bowl .

Asking the inner tofu Ding , Ding put around cucumber , add mushrooms, the sauce and mix thoroughly after pouring poured on tofu stir .

In addition , mushrooms with tofu ingredients is very homely , simple , but very suitable for the current season of consumption, with Spleen Qi, Yin and Yang Wei , nourishing and moistening , etc. It is a good diet plan to lose weight fitness helper.

With mushrooms, tofu and grass carp fish soup together , fragrant liqueur , also soup also dish.

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November 29th, 2013 at 6:58 am

Diet food to help you lose weight fast

1, pumpkin seeds eliminate acne

Pumpkin seeds are acne nemesis, because it is rich in zinc. The latest professional journals “Journalof the American Academy of Dermatology” found that people generally lack the president acne zinc. Eat one every day, two zinc tablets can be solved.

2, watercress prevent facial edema

Daily intake of watercress (also known as the Dutch mustard). It contains antioxidants, can reduce inflammation and shrink pores; while the iron can make you radiant. Professional journals “AmericanJournal of Clinical Nutrition” found that it can increase your blood antioxidant levels, reduce the loss of DNA.


3, spinach make the eyes more power

Spinach is rich in lutein, a lot of studies show that it is critical to protect the eyes, let your eyes bright and clear. Eat one to two bowls a day, which is about a large portion of spinach salad. Experts say that for some people, this may seem a lot of weight. You can use the juice machine, labeled cup intake is sufficient.

4, apple shape charming smile


According to experts, one day an apple, dentists away from me (especially do tooth bleaching dentists). This crunchy fruit can be confirmed after drinking coffee, tea or red wine stains teeth left clear, you do not have macular smile back.

5, green beans into the black stuff to help you

Green beans are rich in silica (silicon), one study found that supplements a day to eat a piece of silicon, after nine months, the hair becomes significantly more robust, dense. Dermatologists recommend to microwave frozen green beans look, as a low-calorie snack food.

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November 20th, 2013 at 8:32 am

Delicious diet recipes for winter weight loss

Orange Cheese

Ingredients: milk 500ml, wine juice 150ml, orange one , the amount of sugar

Step approach

1 . The milk into the pot and cook for about 5 minutes. Milk and let cool , remove Naipi the rice wine sauce , sugar, added to the milk inside , stir


2 cooked baked milk into the bowl . Place in the oven at 150 degrees and bake for about 30 minutes , remove and let cool

3 Peel the orange juice , if you want to filter it taste good , I do this without filters , retains all the nutrients oranges . Pour the orange juice, baked cheese in the refrigerator , refrigerated 2-3 hours to


1 , use whole milk cheese made ​​of pure milk, cooked should be removed Naipi

2 , rice wine juice and milk ratio is about 1:3 , rice wine sauce too bad solidification

3 , if there is no oven, can be placed in steamer and steam for 20 minutes can also be

Comments: The sweet taste of oranges addicted to the sweet feeling of surprise people to lose weight . This is a taste of orange cheese , sell and fat burning effects of class on a weight-loss diet . Orange ‘s high vitamin C content , so you can lose weight while also casually America ‘s beauty . But orange cheese diet + beauty myth grade recipes. DIY beauty of you hurry up now !


Yuba mushrooms

Ingredients: water, dried bean 250 grams , 100 grams mushrooms , cabbage leaves 150 grams , 25 grams vegetable oil , salt , soy sauce , MSG, sugar in small quantities .

① the yuba cut into 2 cm square blocks ; sterile leaves , cut into the same size pieces ; mushrooms should be cut into small if too large .

② wok lit , burn to heat the vegetable oil , put people yuba , cabbage leaves , mushrooms, fan speculation , add broth 400 grams , stir to boil , add soy sauce , sugar, MSG can be eaten dish .


Bean Curd intestinal

Ingredients: fresh tofu skin a large sheet , 20 g egg white , soy flour , 20 grams, 70 grams mushrooms , water chestnuts cool ( peeled ) 70 grams , 100 grams of silk tofu , lettuce 70 g , onion 10 grams , ginger 10 grams , 20 grams of tomato sauce , sesame oil, cooking wine , salt, monosodium glutamate , pepper powder and the amount.

① tofu skin with warm water till soft , cut into 3 cm wide, 30 cm long pieces, paving the stand ;

② the mushrooms , water chestnuts cool, washed and shredded lettuce , along with tofu , onion , ginger together into the pot, add salt , soy sauce , MSG , cooking wine, sesame oil , tomato sauce , pepper powder and flour and mix well.

③ The soy flour, egg whites and into a paste , even in tofu skin , move , and a good variety of silk

④ equivalently put tofu skin side , roll up , into the steamer and steam for 15 minutes to 20 minutes, remove and let cool , cut into thin slices with oblique knife can be eaten .


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November 13th, 2013 at 6:45 am

3 homemade yogurt diet meals to lose weight in summer

First, yogurt milk

Ingredients: Yogurt 150ml, condensed milk 2 tbsp.

Usage: Stir 1 hour after meals eaten per day, 3 times a day.

Tips: when you deploy multiple systems drinks some night after bath, its painted in the chest, alternating clockwise counterclockwise massage. At least 15 minutes to chest feel fever as well, have a good effect of breast.


Second, green papaya yogurt

Ingredients: Yogurt 150ml, 2 spoons of condensed milk, green papaya amount.

Usage: When dinner food, one day one times.

Tips: green papaya papaya enzyme is not only biodegradable protein, carbohydrates, fat is more biodegradable, promptly put the excess fat from the body, remove fat, reduce mast cells, promote metabolism, so as to achieve weight loss goal.


Three, yogurt granola

Ingredients: Yogurt 200ml, 1 bowl of oatmeal.

Usage: stir, when breakfast, lunch, dinner food, 3 times a day.

Tips: Oats are rich in B vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals, is conducive to the regulation of physiological functions and speed up the metabolic rate, lowering blood pressure, heat laxative, beneficial for weight loss.

Tips: Choose yogurt time, to try to choose skim or low-fat yogurt (fat content of 1.0-1.5%). Although the taste is so rich mellow than full-fat yogurt can be low in calories, does not make the calories and fat accumulation in the body very quickly.


Breakfast – fish soup zucchini

Ingredients: zucchini 200 g, 100 g or fish fillets 100 grams, enoki 1 pinch ginger one, water or water 2 cups mushrooms foot.

Practices: water, ginger and bring to boil, add zucchini, mushroom, fish simmered cooked Serve.

General meat fat, mostly saturated fatty acids, which contain a variety of fish fat is unsaturated fatty acids, with good cholesterol-lowering effect. So, fat people eating fish is good, both to avoid obesity, but also to prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Eat more fish also can alleviate depression, oh.

Lunch – soup noodles

Dinner – lily fungus chicken soup

Ingredients: 1 pinch lily, fungus a pinch, 100 grams of chicken, ginger one, water or mushroom cup and a half feet of water.

Practices: water, ginger and bring to boil, add soaked lilies, fungus roll moment, add chicken simmered dip cooked Serve.

Chicken protein per 100 grams of 23.3 g, fat content is only 1.2 grams, much lower than the various meat. Therefore, proper eating chicken is not only beneficial to human health, but also does not cause obesity.

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November 4th, 2013 at 8:13 am

Few receipts to lose weight fast and safe

Fruit Salad

Lettuce, corn, peas, tomatoes, seasonal fruits, carrots and olive oil. First of all the ingredients clean backup, put lettuce into clear water for 5 minutes. Slice the lettuce, corn and other ingredients into medium size pieces. Put everything in the basin, add some olive oil stir.

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of cellulose, easy fullness after eating, effectively reduce appetite, and they in turn are rich in vitamins, can effectively supplement the body needs energy. Both satiating and do not worry about fat, and can increase intestinal motility.


Soybeans boiled pork ribs

Ingredients: 500 g pork, soybeans one, jujube 10, through the grass 20 grams, ginger, salt and the amount.


1, the pork chop bones washed, chopped into pieces, beans, jujube, ginger, washed, washed through the grass wrapped with gauze, made kits;

2, in the pot, add water, use of open fire, into the ribs, beans, jujube, ginger and kits;

3, simmer 2 hours, remove the kits, seasoning with salt on it.

Efficacy: This dish has qi, blood, meridians of efficacy for qi causes shriveled breasts of women, but also can increase women’s skin elasticity.


Breast soup soy trotters

Ingredients: Pig 3, 100 grams of soy, ginger 25 grams, allspice, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil amount.


1, soybeans soaked with warm water.

2, split in half after norepinephrine trotters, wash chop blocks to boiling water over thoroughly.

3, casserole put the right amount of water, the onions, ginger, soy sauce, salt, sesame oil into the water after opening lower soybeans, trotters block;

4, a small fire after the fire to boil Dunlan hoof meat and beans, make the soup simmer, sprinkle allspice and mix well

Soy beans stewed chicken wings

Ingredients: soybeans, green beans, chicken wings spices: salt, MSG, cooking wine, broth.


Efficacy: beans and trotters can add a lot of protein for the woman, especially collagen, help Munakata development.


1, soybeans, green beans, chicken wings and other raw materials into the casserole;

2, add some broth, stewed low heat;

3, salt, MSG, cooking wine seasoning, could be eaten.


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